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Sincere Beachbody 4 Week Intestine Well being Protocol Evaluate

4 week gut health protocol review

As a registered dietitian, I’m all about intestine well being. The science round it’s principally in its infancy, however we do know that eating regimen instantly impacts the well being of our intestine microbiome, and that this may occasionally affect many processes and circumstances across the physique. These might embrace temper, weight, irritation, illness danger, and extra.

I see numerous incorrect info round intestine well being being unfold by influencers and individuals who typically need to make a buck from the intestine well being pattern. Whenever you’re seeking to purchase a intestine well being program or product, it’s essential to be sure that the science behind it’s stable, and that the particular person or firm promoting that product is aware of what they’re doing.

Beachbody has been working laborious these days, hyping its new 4 Week Intestine Well being Protocol. Figuring out that I’d be requested incessantly about it, and being curious as to only what precisely the protocol was, I made a decision to purchase it for myself to get entry to the supplies.

I didn’t do the Protocol myself, since it could have been triggering for me. I’ve had disordered consuming habits previously, and I don’t wish to revisit these. Ever.

The Protocol wasn’t too costly – it set me again round $65 CAD, and it’s fully video-based with some PDFs. All of the weeks can be found once you buy this system (ie, you don’t have to finish one week to maneuver to the subsequent video).

There’s not numerous materials: a number of pre-program movies, then one video per week, normally round 5 minutes lengthy. The Intestine Well being Protocol is supposed to be accomplished with Portion Repair containers, so it’s like a hybrid program of Portion Repair and Intestine Protocol.

(I wrote about Beachbody’s Tremendous Trainers in my up to date Beachbody publish)

The 4 Week Intestine Protocol is led Beachbody Tremendous Coach Autumn Calabrese. Autumn is arguably some of the well-known Beachbody trainers. She blocked me on Instagram some time again for commenting on how she is selling a intestine well being program by weighing herself weekly in a bikini on social media. Possibly as a result of she didn’t like that I used to be calling her out for posting triggering content material a couple of intestine well being program that’s apparently not about weight reduction?

It was a publish like this.

autumn calabrese gut protocol

Sorry, not sorry. I don’t assume weighing your self in a bikini on social media is an efficient message to be giving to folks if you happen to’re promoting ‘intestine well being.’ It’s additionally very triggering to folks once you present the precise quantity on the size (I’ve a photograph however am not going to publish it) and discuss the way you misplaced 0.5 lb this week as a result of GUT HEALTH PROTOCOL.

Not wholesome messaging. That’s my skilled opinion. 

The purpose of the Beachbody Intestine Well being Protocol is a bit complicated. Is it about intestine well being? Is it about meals ‘sensitivities’ aka intolerances (extra on that in a second)? 

Intestine well being and meals intolerances are two various things fully. Poor intestine well being doesn’t trigger meals intolerances, and good intestine well being doesn’t repair them. Let’s simply get that each one straight.


Beginning the Beachbody 4 Day Intestine Well being Protocol.

After I watched this system movies, the very first thing that I observed was Autumn’s tone. Possibly she’s at all times like this, however my 11 12 months previous daughter, who was watching with me (extra like, she wandered into the room whereas I used to be watching as a result of I used to be yelling swears) was like, ‘she looks like she’s threatening me.’ 

Autumn’s mispronunciations add leisure worth to the movies.

Issues like,

’Rustic potato’ as an alternative of ‘russet potato’

Motcha tea

The Grut Protocol

GI ‘trac’

She narrates the movies like a scowling 4 12 months previous studying an encyclopedia, which is, by the way, the way it sounds when an individual is studying a teleprompter with phrases and ideas they aren’t essentially acquainted with.

She says issues like, ‘it’s essential to remain hydrated for thus many causes. It helps with our cells’ and, ‘stress can have a destructive affect on the fragile stability your microbiome and might improve the expansion of unhealthy micro organism in your intestine. I do know, that’s a bummer!’

It’s all, like, so sciencey and stuff!

I’ve to say although, speaking by yourself to a digital camera will be uncomfortable and peculiar. It will have been good to have some respectable consultants within the movies to again up a few of what she says.

In her promotional posts/movies, Autumn has been giving the statistic that 70% of adults have undiagnosed meals sensitivities.

beachbody 4 week gut health protocol

I don’t know the place this statistic got here from, and haven’t discovered any credible sources that cite a quantity that’s even near 70%. In keeping with UpToDate, 15-20% of the inhabitants experiences having a meals sensitivity, and I can’t discover a respected stat for the prevalence of undiagnosed meals sensitivities. I requested immunologist Dr. Andrea Love about this stat and all the ‘meals sensitivity’ matter. She informed me that though the phrases ‘intolerance’ and ‘sensitivity’ are sometimes used interchangeably, sensitivity is definitely NOT a medical time period.

She went on to drop the final word reality bomb: 

Intolerance is a GI-mediated problem which is actual. Sensitivity is that this imprecise, mean-nothing phrase that wellness of us sling round to elucidate all kinds of generic signs. 

And about that ‘70%’ stat? Dr. Love stated the prevalence of meals intolerances is at the moment estimated at round 4%.



Beachbody coaches are posting some fairly loopy (aka not evidence-based) stuff to advertise this program. 

Try these IG Tales from one of many BB coaches. A lot of the content material I’m seeing is one thing like this:

beachbody gut protocol

beachbody four week gut protocol

beachbody four week gut protocol

beachbody gut protocol


Linking intestine well being with any of those circumstances, or weight acquire or loss, is ridiculous and much past what human research have proven us. As a regulated well being skilled, I wouldn’t make these claims, and wouldn’t be ALLOWED to make them. I’ve seen the sugar craving one specifically, however once more, that is extra of a principle than an precise stable reality. 

Sadly, there’s no oversight or recourse for anybody who isn’t regulated, and spreads stuff like this. They will principally say no matter they need. I’m curious if this particular person even understands what the microbiome is and what it does.


Taking issues out.

An enormous a part of the Protocol is the elimination of meals that Autumn believes we’re most delicate to. These are: 




Extremely processed soy like ‘pretend meats’


Synthetic Sweeteners


In keeping with Dr. Love, the commonest meals intolerance is lactose. Synthetic sweeteners and extremely processed soy do are likely to trigger GI signs for many individuals, however would I at all times name these ‘intolerances’? Possibly not.

Farting rather a lot after consuming one thing with soy isolate isn’t essentially an intolerance. An ingredient which causes gastro signs which have a perceptible, constant destructive affect in your life and wellness could be extra of an correct qualification of an ‘intolerance.’ 

It’s essential to notice that meals allergy isn’t the identical factor as meals intolerance (these phrases are sometimes wrongly used interchangeably). Allergy symptoms are mediated by the immune system. Intolerances contain the digestive system, not the immune system.


Different Intestine Well being Protocol guidelines embrace:

Cut back added sugars to not more than 10 grams a day, and select much less processed ones like maple syrup and honey. 

I’m going to pop in right here to say that ‘much less processed’ sugars are precisely the identical to our our bodies than refined white sugar. I wrote extra about that right here.

Not more than 3 cups of espresso every week, with out dairy or soy milk, after all, however 1 teaspoon of natural coconut oil can be utilized. Should you want caffeine, Autumn suggests the BB Energize complement that has caffeine. 

You’re additionally allowed 1-2 cups of decaf unsweetened tea, however you possibly can have 1/2 teaspoon day of both pure maple syrup or honey. One full teaspoon of those takes you over the ten gram a day restrict for added sugar.

Restrict purple meat to 1 serving per week.

3 servings of fermented meals every week, which Autumn clearly anticipates we aren’t going to love, so she tells us to ‘put in your large child pants and simply do it.’ When she talks about fermented meals like they’re some kind of disgusting drugs, it’s not an effective way to get folks to eat them. 

The 4 Week Intestine Protocol tells followers to eat at the least 30 completely different crops per week, based mostly on the analysis of Dr. Rob Knight, who’s a legit intestine well being knowledgeable. It’s a great objective – most of us don’t eat sufficient crops, and once we eat them, we have a tendency to decide on the identical ones many times.

Consuming a much bigger number of crops might improve intestine microbiome range, which is one thing we would like. All through the intestine protocol, Autumn encourages us to purchase vegatables and fruits that we’ve by no means tried. It is a good factor!

This system has an in depth meals record that tells us what we CAN have. And once more, we’re supposed to make use of the Portion Repair containers to measure out our parts. Extra on that beneath.

I’d publish the meals lists, however they’re copyrighted. Sorry. They’re unremarkable, anyhow.

4 Week Intestine Well being Protocol Dietary supplements.

Autumn ‘strongly recommends the Beachbody Optimize enzymes.’ She tells us that ‘if you happen to’ve been fighting GI misery, the enzymes may also help rather a lot.’

In keeping with Autumn, ’when the physique doesn’t secrete digestive enzymes in satisfactory portions, it could possibly have an effect on our our bodies’ capacity to interrupt down meals we eat and to soak up these vitamins.’ 

This may be true, however the different half of the story is that almost all wholesome folks secrete greater than sufficient digestive enzymes and don’t want this kind of complement.

The dose for Optimize is 6 capsules/day – 2 earlier than every meals. Optimize is $60 for 126 capsules, precisely 21 days’ price.

Together with Optimize, she recommends BeachBody Revitalize pre and probiotics, taken 1x day with breakfast. 

Vegan Shakeology can also be beneficial as a part of this system. Autumn claims that ‘getting in your Shakeology goes to be an effective way to get within the vitamins your physique wants. It’s a nutrient-dense security internet.’ I’m undecided which ‘vitamins’ she’s speaking about, as a result of apart from 6 grams of iron per serving, Shakeology doesn’t appear to be an incredible supply of every other hard-to-find vitamins – like magnesium, for instance. 

Vegan shakeology additionally has 5 grams of added sugars per serving, which makes up half of what Autumn tells us is our every day added sugar ‘allowance.’ Not solely that, however vegan Shakeology comprises inulin, aka chicory root. Inulin is a FODMAP and might trigger gasoline and bloating. It additionally has stevia in it, which is a non-nutritive sweetener. 

Aren’t these issues opposite to the foundations, and the purpose, of the Intestine Well being Protocol? 

I ordered the Vegan Shakeology pattern pack to attempt. It tasted like unhappiness – gritty, with a stevia aftertaste and cloying, pretend taste. I’d must be ravenous to even consider ingesting that mess. My daughter tried it with me, and he or she actually gagged and poured the remainder down the sink. 

The ‘Discover your calorie bracket’ scenario.

And right here, the tide adjustments. One of many pre-program movies is all about our calorie funds.

This intestine well being program is being offered as a manner to determine your intolerances and assist your intestine, I’m undecided what weight reduction has to do with any of that, since science hasn’t but found out if or how the intestine is linked to weight in any manner.

Surely, one of many focuses of the Intestine Protocol is weight reduction, even when Beachbody needs to make it look like it’s all about intestine well being.

Right here’s how Autumn introduces this a part of this system:

You in all probability have a number of targets with the intestine protocol…however so as to ensure that we’re consuming the ‘correct quantity of all of the scrumptious yummy meals that we get to have, we additionally have to determine if one among our targets is to drop pounds or preserve our present weight.

My remark: WHY? Why couldn’t folks do that program and never even think about weight? Give it some thought: how is weight reduction related to determining your intolerances? Are we much less more likely to have intolerances if we lose or preserve our weight? What’s the connection right here?

Whenever you begin following the protocol, you may drop a number of kilos it doesn’t matter what, even when your objective is to keep up weight, as a result of we’re consuming in such a wholesome manner that once we begin placing all this wholesome meals in, irritation calms down, usually the quantity on the size goes down.’

Okay, much less irritation doesn’t equal weight reduction. This isn’t a factor.

I’ve to assume that the burden loss angle makes this system extra marketable to extra folks. That’s a disgrace.

The calorie funds I ended up with was probably the most stunning half.

Autumn tells us to multiply our present weight by 11 to get our baseline calorie wants, then for weight reduction, subtract 400 energy from that quantity. Be aware: there’s no differentials for gender, exercise degree, or age. 

My calorie funds for weight reduction got here out to be 1118. That’s lower than what a toddler wants.

Even the girl who she used as a demo, at 160lb, solely will get 1360 energy a day. That is extraordinarily low.

If we wish to preserve our present weight, she advises to not subtract the 400 energy. Mine could be 1518, which continues to be far beneath what’s wholesome for me. 

Then she begins speaking about Portion Repair calorie brackets and what number of of which containers we ‘get to have.’ That we ‘aren’t going to be disadvantaged’ in the course of the 4 weeks, and that we get one ‘yellow container swap’ aka ‘deal with’ every week. 

This kind of verbiage is troubling. Sorry honey, we don’t ‘get to have’ a sure variety of containers. We aren’t ‘allowed’ a sure variety of energy. We should always be capable to EAT. One yellow container every week for ‘treats‘ isn’t a wholesome manner to take a look at meals. And did I point out that if she’s so involved concerning the impact of stress on the microbiome, why isn’t she taking into consideration the stress of low-calorie weight-reduction plan?

She says, ‘observe your containers. Consuming all your containers is essential, and it’s additionally essential that you simply don’t eat extra containers than you’re allotted for. Keep in mind, we’re training ‘portion management.’

Wait. How does portion management play into intestine well being? What number of instances am I going to ask the identical query? AGHHH!

I fall into the bottom calorie bracket for Portion Repair is the A gaggle, which is 1200-1500. 

Right here’s a pattern meal plan for Portion Repair A:

gut health protocol review

Intestine Well being Protocol Week 1

Week one is spent getting used to the protocol. Autumn tells us to take away meals from the home that don’t match into this system. She tells us, ’I eat like this frequently and I by no means really feel disadvantaged.’

No remark. 

Okay, I’ve one. Simply because somebody says one thing ‘works’ for them, doesn’t imply that it’s going to ‘work’ for you, or that it’s wholesome. I’m simply going to go away that right here.

Autumn tells us that ‘you could have detox signs in week one – if you happen to’ve been consuming numerous processed meals, consuming on this new manner goes to be an adjustment to your physique. you may expertise delicate complications, tiredness, stronger cravings at first. It ought to cross after a number of days or the primary week and if it doesn’t, you may wish to examine along with your physician.’

Be aware to everybody: signs like these throughout low-calorie diets are sometimes attributed to ‘detoxing.’ The reality is that these are literally signs of NOT EATING ENOUGH. 


Purple flag.

Intestine Well being Protocol Week 2

The Week 2 video begins with extra weight reduction speak.

You could have misplaced 3+ kilos or extra in week 1, you may lose much less in week 2, once you lose numerous weight in a single week, your physique wants to verify the whole lot is okay earlier than it continues to let go of weight, so don’t panic or stop.

Should you didn’t lose numerous weight in week 1, that’s additionally regular. Should you’re already used to consuming clear, if you happen to don’t have numerous weight to lose, or your physique simply may want extra time to regulate to the adjustments.

That is positively as a lot about weight reduction as it’s about intestine well being. Let’s be sincere right here.

‘Consuming clear.’ Give me a break. 

Week 2 is about stress discount, and Autumn provides us some suggestions and PDFs on how to try this. 

She places in one among many plugs for FIXATE recipes (be aware the apt identify ‘FIXATE.’) and the accompanying 4 Weeks for Each Physique train program.

Intestine Well being Protocol Week 3

Week 3 focuses on sleep, which is okay.

What’s not nice is the opposite focus of Week 3, which is ‘chewing your meals.’

Autumn says this:

Whenever you take time to chew, you break meals down higher, and permit enzymes in your saliva to to assist begin breaking down meals as properly. Whenever you take time to chew, it additionally slows you down whilst you eat, which permits you time to acknowledge that you simply’re full, and may also help stop overeating.

One piece of frequent recommendation is chew meals 32 instances earlier than swallowing. This actually breaks your meals down. We chew for like 5-6 bites and swallow. See the way it feels to chew every chunk 32 instances.

Oh boy.

The place do I begin.

As a diet skilled, I don’t agree with this recommendation, and actually, I discover it very regarding.

Though we all know that conscious consuming might assist us eat much less, I consider that counting chews of meals is a disordered consuming behavior. Like counting bites, counting chews is methodical and regimented and never conducive to having fun with meals. 

In keeping with Dr. Meagan Gallagher, a psychologist who makes a speciality of consuming problems, chewing something that lengthy will make it into mush – lowering the palatability of it, and making consuming aversive. Making consuming aversive is disordered.

It additionally locations the concentrate on exterior cues, reasonably than inside cues comparable to readiness to swallow and mouth really feel.

After the entire eating regimen and weight reduction speak, the ‘you get to have one deal with every week!’ stuff, and the disordered chewing recommendation, the 4 Week Intestine Well being Protocol looks like the main focus isn’t actually on intestine well being in any respect. It’s principally about weight reduction.

I’ve nothing towards weight reduction, besides when:

It’s offered as one thing else, aka ‘intestine well being.’

It’s accomplished as a restrictive, regimented plan that’s in all probability unsustainable.

It consists of suggestions for what my knowledgeable and I think about to be disordered behaviour.

The messaging additionally appears to revolve round robust love – as Autumn says in Week 3, ‘there’s loads of time to plow through this for your self’ and telling people who they ‘gained’t be disadvantaged’ whereas assigning them low calorie budgets and one little yellow cup of ‘treats’ every week. 

As a dietitian, none of that sits proper with me. 

Intestine Well being Protocol Week 4

Week 4 is all about being ready for what comes after the 4 Week Intestine Well being Protocol.

Autumn mentions a number of the different Beachbody applications, particularly 80 Day Obsession, 21 Day Repair, and 9 Week Management Freak.

Are these named problematic to any of you want they’re to me? Is it my creativeness, or do all of those program names connote ‘fixing and controlling’ of our our bodies and meals?

beachbody diet

Purple flag.

I really feel like there’s a ton of cross promotion to maintain us within the Beachbody sphere. After Week 4, she provides us the choice of continuous on the Intestine Well being Protocol, as a result of ‘it’s not a eating regimen, it’s a life-style!’ and if you happen to don’t, she advises to return to the Portion Repair plan, ‘as a result of having a plan to observe is essential for total well being and wellness and your targets.’

To really keep on the Intestine Well being Protocol indefinitely could be restrictive and nonsensical. 

For the re-introduction section, Autumn tells us so as to add a brand new meals again each three days. It’s not clear although: will we take away the meals for one meal for these three days? Or day by day?

She warns that if we really feel any emotions of discomfort like gasoline, bloating, irregular bowel actions, itchy pores and skin, temper adjustments, or any of the ‘different issues we’ve talked about,’ it’s in all probability a meals we’ve a sensitivity to, and may take away in the interim.

Superb, however numerous these will be attributable to issues apart from meals intolerances. I’m not simply going to take away a meals if I get gasoline from it, or if my temper adjustments.

These issues occur to me day by day of my life. 

Does the Beachbody Intestine Well being Protocol truly assist to determine your meals intolerances? 

I really feel like folks related to this program are spreading numerous inaccurate details about what intolerances truly are. 

I’m interested in why Beachbody didn’t tackle FODMAPs, that are a quite common intolerance for folks. 

Should you’re having vital intestine points, a correct elimination eating regimen ought to be accomplished below the steering of an immunologist or dietitian who makes a speciality of meals allergy. Not an MLM coach. 

And, I really feel like this system is attempting to be so many issues directly, mixing an elimination eating regimen with weight reduction and intestine well being. You’re making so many adjustments, how are you going to make sure what’s affecting the best way you’re feeling? 

All of this may be confound the outcomes. 


The nice:

30 completely different crops per week is an efficient objective. Range of crops might assist our intestine microbiome thrive. This objective could also be troublesome for somebody who doesn’t have entry to all kinds of meals, both due to funds, cooking expertise, or location.

Specializing in sleep and stress ranges is essential. This system ought to have accomplished extra one this stuff, together with recognizing that low-calorie diets is usually a vital supply of stress for folks. 

A number of the recipes that include this system look scrumptious. I’m 100% attempting the fermented blueberries.

The unhealthy:

It is a weight reduction eating regimen. Weight reduction has nothing to do with intestine well being, and the truth that the 4 Week Intestine Protocol is offered solely as a program to determine your intolerances and assist your intestine, is deceptive, for my part.

It’s additionally deceptive to counsel in a roundabout manner that intestine well being improves as we drop pounds. We don’t know that but…as a result of science isn’t definitive on it.

Measuring meals in little cups is eating regimen behaviour. It’s additionally annoying AF, and pointless. 

Vegan Shakeology tastes like rubbish. 

Most individuals in all probability don’t want digestive enzymes.

There’s numerous cross-promotion to encourage model loyalty. It’s a bit yucky.

The calorie funds I obtained was outrageously low. Interval. Additionally: calorie funds = eating regimen. Not life-style.

The reintroduction course of is a bit complicated. 

The meals chewing factor is disordered. Extremely regarding. 

Above all else, when you’ve got intestine points, seeking to MLMs and MLM coaches for solutions isn’t beneficial. Though this program was purportedly developed with ‘medical doctors and dietitians,’ you’re getting info from Beachbody coaches with minimal to no coaching or expertise within the science of intestine well being or immunology.




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