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Goodbye Letter to My Lover’s Spouse

To the one who begged for no extra company and carved a kitchen chair for me anyway:

      I took a seat at your overturned desk, legs snapped and trembling.
      Licked his fingers when you stomped the dishes again to sand.
      Cried in closets for 3 days earlier than you requested the place I’d gone.

      He held me like he was carrying payments from the mailbox to the trash,
      however I love him prefer it’d make my mom sing once more,
      flip my father’s voice to nothing however apologies.

      You I might watch fall in a nicely and (for a second) stand nonetheless. Dream.
      However the neighbors know your shout. Make curfews of it like streetlights.
      Our man tunes his coronary heart to this pitch then thinks he serenades me—

      I do know that one. My mom’s final tune.
      They’ll say I ran out shoeless, sand nonetheless in my hair.

      Some individuals can’t love with the knives put away.
      Now I do know there are worse lives than the lonely.

      I open my arms: reward, a planet.

      In all places I lay, my marriage ceremony mattress.



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