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Basti Shula (Shoola) Which means, Signs, Causes, Pathogenesis, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Basti Shula (shoola) means ache within the urinary bladder or ache originating from the urinary bladder.
Basti / Vasti – urinary bladder, Shula – colic / ache

Causes of Vasti Shula

Samrodhat – forcibly withholding pure urges of defecation, urination and so forth is claimed to be the primary causative issue of vasti shoola. When the approaching pure physique reflexes / urges are forcibly managed the vata will get aggravated and strikes in irregular instructions, primarily upwards.
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  • As a consequence of forcibly withholding the pure urges of feces, urine and so forth the vayu will get aggravated
  • This aggravated vata reaches the urinary bladder, envelopes the bladder from all of the instructions and will get lodged therein
  • The affected person experiences ache within the urinary bladder, groin and navel
  • Following this obstruction of feces, urine and fart happens
  • This painful situation is named vasti shula i.e. ache within the urinary bladder – a pathological situation brought on by aggravated vata
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Vasti shula – ache within the urinary bladder
Vankshana shula – ache within the groins
Nabhi shula – ache within the navel area
Vit samrodha – constipation
Mutra samrodha – urinary obstruction
Vata samrodha – obstruction to expulsion of fart

The ache of vasti shula is claimed to be induced because of withholding of urges, primarily these of feces and urine. When the individual will get habituated to withholding of feces it’d result in constipation or problem in defecation. This may result in ache within the colon and rectum. That is referred to as vit shula i.e. ache induced because of impaction of feces. This may in flip impart strain on the urinary bladder, the rectum and urinary bladder being neighboring organs. In consequence the urinary bladder will likely be subjected to strain from colon. When this situation will get persistent the urinary bladder will get infected resulting in ‘bladder ache’. Equally when the urine urge is forcibly withheld and when it turns into routine, urinary obstruction happens which additional causes irritation of the urinary bladder and consequentially urinary bladder ache i.e. vasti shula’ happens.
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Sanskrit Verses

Trendy perspective

The ache within the urinary bladder or ache originating from the urinary bladder is induced because of –
Irritation of urinary bladder – cystitis
Calculi within the bladder would possibly trigger ache within the area of urinary bladder and perineum, the ache might also be referred to the penis
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Variations between Vasti Shula and Mutra Shula

Mutra Shula is a situation which has been defined by Grasp Charaka instantly after Vasti Shula. The origin of ache is from the identical area i.e. urinary bladder however there appears to be a distinction in pathogenesis and etiology in each these circumstances. Whereas Vasti Shula is induced because of forcible withholding of urges of feces and urine, mutra shula is brought on by vata vitiated following consumption of incompatible meals and publicity to actions which are inclined to vitiate vata.
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In Vasti Shula the vitiated vata first afflicts the urinary bladder and causes painful circumstances within the urinary bladder, navel, and groins however in Mutra Shula the vitiated vata first afflicts penis and colon and causes ache in navel, groin, stomach and flanks. The area whereby ache is manifested is sort of the identical with slight distinction.

In Vasti Shula there may be obstruction of feces, fart and urine however there may be solely obstruction of urine in mutra shula. Technically each are totally different manifestations of the identical situation. Each are brought on by aggravated vata.
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The therapy of Vasti Shula similar to Mutra Shula has not been defined. However the therapy rules of each these circumstances will likely be comparable and must be accomplished after analyzing the pathogenesis completely.

Therapy rules

Vata assuaging measures is the firstly strategy accomplished to deal with the ache of urinary bladder. Meals and life actions that are vata assuaging is adopted. Natural enemas, purgation and exterior therapies like therapeutic massage, tub bathtub, showering of vata assuaging oils and decoctions and fomentation is included. They not solely steadiness vata but additionally will assist in relieving ache.

Different therapy –
Udavarta – upward irregular motion of vata
Mutraghata – obstruction of urine
Mutrakrichchra – dysuria
Mutrashmari – urinary / bladder calculi
Shotha – edema / irritation
Mutravaha sroto dushti janya vikara – therapy of contamination of channels of urine

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