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Avipakaja Shula Signs, Causes, Therapy, Fashionable Idea

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Avipakaja Shula means ache brought about as a consequence of indigestion of meals. It’s also known as by the title anna dosha samudbhava shula i.e. ache within the stomach brought on by contaminated meals or meals bothered by doshas. Avipaka – indigestion, Shula – ache / colic

Grasp Sushruta has defined this painful situation and thought of it as one among the many various kinds of shoola – colic / ache within the stomach.
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Extreme consumption of meals is alleged to be the causative issue of this situation. ‘Extreme meals’ right here means ‘consumption of meals in a amount of what’s greater than required or a couple of’s capability’.

All of us are inclined to overeat at instances. However everybody who has consumed extreme meals needn’t endure from this situation.

Grasp Sushruta additional specifies that ‘consumption of extreme meals within the presence of weak digestion’ is the reason for avipaka shula.

Grasp Vagbhata additionally has quoted that ‘nearly all illnesses are brought about as a consequence of sluggish digestive capability / weak digestive fireplace, primarily the stomach issues’. Colic defined in avipaka shula additionally happens within the stomach.

Weak digestive fireplace is the foremost reason for many systemic issues. Kaya Chikitsa is a department of Ayurveda which goals at curing illnesses by correcting the digestive fireplace and its subunits within the physique.

Digestive fireplace would possibly get weak after we devour extreme meals in distinction to what and the way a lot we’d like as per our capability and structure. Extreme meals consumption is among the most necessary causes for indigestion of meals. Due to this fact additionally it is a direct in addition to an oblique trigger for stomach ache additionally.

We might think about extreme meals consumption in relation to stomach colic in two methods –

  • Extreme consumption of meals in presence of weak digestive fireplace will result in indigestion and subsequent manifestation of stomach ache.
  • Extreme meals consumption as a daily follow could cause weak point of digestive fireplace. This weak fireplace won’t have the capability to digest meals correctly. Undigested meals stays and will get stagnated within the intestine and causes ache.

In a manner placing these two situations collectively the colic brought on by extreme consumption of meals could be a cyclic course of whereby the identical chain of occasions hold repeating by themselves if not addressed correctly.
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  • The meals which has been consumed in extra of 1’s capability would get stagnated within the colon as a result of sluggishness of digestive fireplace.
  • The stagnated meals will get matted and adhered to the partitions of the colon
  • Consequentially vata will get aggravated
  • The aggravated vata envelopes and blocks this inadequately digested meals (within the higher colon) and feces (within the decrease colon)
  • This undigested meals blocked by the aggravated vata will produce extreme ache within the stomach and this situation is known as as avipakaj shoola
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Tivram shulam – extreme ache within the stomach
Murcha – fainting
Adhmanam – distension of stomach
Vidaha – burning sensation within the stomach
Hrdaya utklesha – nausea / discomfort within the cardiac (coronary heart) area
Vilambika – the meals contaminated by aggravated kapha and vata will get stagnated within the center a part of the intestine with out getting eradicated both from the higher or decrease passages (mouth or anus)
Virechana – diarrhea
Chardi – vomiting
Kampana – tremors
Moha – confusion
Avipaka – indigestion
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Sanskrit Verses


Vamana – therapeutic emesis
Langhanam – fasting / lightening therapies
Swedanam – sudation
Pachanam – ama digesting measures, medicines and food plan
Phalavarti – suppositories
Kshara – Alkali
Churna – Natural powders
Gutika – Natural tablets

It is extremely necessary to deal with these painful situations after having thought of the completely different etiological components, structure of the affected person, predominance of dosha, geography, time interval and so on components.
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Different remedy

This situation shall be handled on the traces of –
Treating ajirna i.e. indigestion (since indigestion is the primary reason for this ache)
Deepana-pachana – medicines and food plan for correcting digestive fireplace and in addition to destroy ama
Vamana and virechana – therapeutic emesis and purgation to throw out the contaminated Doshas and in addition to cleanse the intestine, strengthen the organs and stop recurrences
Shula chikitsa – treating stomach ache
Pathya kalpanas – skinny digestible gruels that are ready with appetizing and ama digesting herbs and in addition mild to digest
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Fashionable correlation

Ache within the stomach delicate to reasonable depth has been talked about among the many signs of indigestion even in trendy texts.

Different signs of indigestion embody –
Early fullness throughout a meal, bloating and uncomfortable fullness after a meal, defined as adhmana and vilambika in Ayurveda amongst the signs of avipakaja shula
Discomfort within the higher stomach which additionally contains ache
Burning sensation within the higher stomach defined as vidaha
Nausea and vomiting defined as hrit utklesha and chardi
Heartburn defined as hrdaya utklesha

There are numerous causes for indigestion. Overeating or consuming meals too shortly has been talked about as one of many causes of indigestion even in trendy texts. Avipakaj Shool seems to be the reason of stomach ache as a consequence of this trigger. Causes additionally embody sure stomach issues like gastritis, peptic ulcers, celiac illness, constipation, intestinal blockage, pancreatitis, intestinal ischemia and so on. subsequently indigestion might not solely be the trigger but additionally the impact of different situations.
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