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16 Widespread Yoga Symbols + Their Meanings for Your Apply

Whether or not you get in your mat for bodily train or as a part of your non secular journey, the world of yoga is stuffed with symbolic representations of yogic philosophies. These yoga symbols and drawings have been used for 1000’s of years to assist practitioners join extra deeply to their non secular follow.

However typically the non secular facet of yoga can really feel a bit “woo woo” or inaccessible to the common individual. For those who’ve felt confused in regards to the precise which means of various yoga symbols, you’re not alone.

Many yoga symbols have a variety of distinctive interpretations in numerous cultures and yoga practices. Historic yogic custom utilized various manifestations of yoga symbols such because the om image, the lotus flower, the hamsa hand, and particular drawings correlated with every chakra.

Whether or not you discover them on yoga clothes, props, partitions, tattoos, art work, or different bodily manifestations, understanding these non secular symbols can assist deepen your follow and add some grounding reminders to your every day life.

Right here’s an introduction to the 16 widespread yoga symbols and what they imply, in plain language.

Om Image

Maybe essentially the most notorious of meditation and yoga symbols, the aum or om image represents the sound of the universe. It’s thought to have been the primary primordial sound that was made when the universe was created.

Om has cross-cultural meanings that transcend any particular faith or a part of the world, nevertheless its origins are rooted within the historic holy language of Sanskrit. You may additionally acknowledge the completely different Sanskrit names of yoga poses like Chaturanga (four-limbed workers pose) or Uttanasana (ahead fold).

When chanting om throughout meditation class, you’re connecting to a cosmic vibration that may provide help to really feel extra grounded, blissful, and clear. Chanting om can be related to aligning the chakras and opening the third eye.

The “3-shape” of this yoga image has a number of meanings as a sound and a visible. In essence, it symbolizes three distinct states of thoughts. When spoken, the phrase “aum” additionally has three distinct components with vital symbolic meanings that coincide with the drawing itself.

  1. A “ahh”: The waking state is a metaphor for the common creation and our peacefulness of current. It’s represented by the massive backside curve of the om image. That is essentially the most recognizable state of consciousness the place we expertise life through our senses.
  2. U “ooh”: The dream state reminds us of our non secular expertise past the bodily realm. It’s represented by the center curve between the waking and deep sleep state. That is the place the unconscious can come by way of.
  3. M “mmm”: The deep sleep state, or unconscious state, is represented by the highest curve of the om or aum image. This signifies surpassing consciousness right into a non secular realm the place the whole lot within the universe is related.

Is it okay to put on the om image?

It is not uncommon to seek out the om or aum image displayed on clothes, artwork, tattoos, and yoga equipment. This cross-cultural visible is completely tremendous to put on as a way of expression, so long as it’s accomplished so in a respectful manner. Carrying the om image can assist remind you to seek out the divine components of the universe in on daily basis life.

Hamsa Image

With roots in Center Jap and North African spirituality, the hamsa image has non secular meanings in Buddhism, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu tradition. Nevertheless, it’s not linked to any particular faith or non secular perception system. The earliest proof of the hamsa picture has been present in historic Mesopotamian tombs from way back to 1500 BC.

When used as a talisman or piece of bijou, it’s thought to guard the wearer from evil or destructive forces. Hamsa is most broadly seen as a logo of luck and success.

The quantity 5 can be important to this yoga image. The identify Hamsa has 5 letters and the logo shows the 5 fingers of a hand. They are often interpreted to symbolize the 5 holy books of Judaism, the 5 human senses, the 5 holy mudras of Hinduisum, or the 5 pillars of Islam.

No matter spiritual affiliation, the hamsa emblem has a universally constructive affiliation with peacefulness, success, concord, and safety from evil or misfortune.

We love this hamsa and evil eye chakra bracelet made with lava stone that may be infused together with your favourite important oils.

Evil Eye Safety Image

With its putting turquoise and white centric circles on an indigo backdrop, the evil eye picture is recognizable however complicated yoga image. Discovered on amulets and jewellery, this image is discovered by itself or coupled with the hamsa hand. The hamsa evil eye combo signifies safety from destructive forces.

Superstition surrounding the evil eye dates all the way in which again to historic Greece and Rome. Over 3,000 years later, we nonetheless discover this putting eye utilized in non secular practices all over the world. Many cultures have completely different tales for the evil eye, however the fantasy is essentially the identical: When forged upon another person, the evil eye may cause misfortune, struggling, and even catastrophe for another person.

In historic Greece, the evil eye was particularly a risk to anybody who obtained extra reward than they deserve. It was thought that the gods and goddesses would punish anybody who grew to become too wrapped up of their pleasure by destroying them with the facility of the evil eye.

Islamic tradition shares the identical superstitions across the evil eye’s capability to punish anybody with extreme reward and ego. Hindus are equally very cautious of the evil eye and affiliate its energy with the malice of jealousy and extreme admiration.

Paradoxically, when worn as an amulet, the evil eye really protects in opposition to all these destructive forces. You possibly can consider the evil eye metaphor as a curse, whereas the amulet dispels the curse. It’s believed that the evil eye talisman “displays” again the facility of the evil eye and thus protects the wearer from its energy.

The traditional concentric blue evil eye design is discovered all through the Center East, nevertheless the evil eye can tackle many eye-shaped types. It’s a reminder to stay humble in your yoga follow and your life at giant. It’s also an effective way to guard your vitality from destructive forces like jealousy, manipulation, or greed.

Chakra Symbols

The seven chakras are the vitality facilities of the human physique. Rooted in each science and non secular practices, chakras have been first talked about in historic Vedic texts in India over 3,000 years in the past.

Chakra is a Sanskrit phrase which means “wheel”. These wheels of vitality maintain completely different symbolic meanings which might be related to specific yoga poses, physique components, colours, mantras, components, feelings, and facets of life.

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Understanding the which means of every chakras image might be an enormous breakthrough in your yoga journey, so let’s dig into every middle individually.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The foundation chakra is the foundational vitality for all emotional and bodily states. It’s the very first chakra that types between the ages of 1 and seven years outdated. Just like the roots of a tree, this chakra is the very base of your existence and essential for feeling grounded as you move by way of the world.

A blocked root chakra can manifest bodily as digestive points, arthritis, or bladder illnesses.

Emotionally, a blocked Muladhara could result in monetary insecurity, stress, a scarcity of self-confidence, or not feeling secure in your physique.

Energetically, you could really feel drained, torpid, unproductive, or simply “caught” if this chakra is blocked.

When the vitality of your root chakra is free-flowing, you’re grounded in your identification or position on this planet. You are feeling secure and safe.

Location: Base of the spinal column, close to your tailbone

Associations: Survival, security, stability, consolation, safety, profession, cash, sense of belonging

Organs: Bladder, reproductive organics, vertebral column, hips, knees, legs, toes

Mantra: “I’m” or “LAM”

Coloration: Pink

Component: Earth

Stones: Hematite, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, bloodstone

Meals: Root greens, tomatoes, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, apples

Yoga Poses: Little one’s Pose (Balasana), Garland Pose (Malasana), Ahead Fold (Uttanasana), Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Important Oils: Rosewood, rosemary, cedar, sandalwood, ginger

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The sacral chakra is all about emotional and sexual identification. It governs how we relate to our emotions in addition to these of different folks.

The second middle within the physique, the sacral chakra develops between ages 8 and 14. The Sanskrit time period Svadhisthana interprets to “the place your being is established” or “the dwelling place of self”.

A blocked sacral chakra can really feel like an general lack of management. Bodily, it could reveal itself as reproductive points, sexual dysfunction, menstrual ache, decrease again ache, or abdomen and kidney problems.

Emotionally, blocked sacral vitality usually results in co-dependency, emotional overwhelm, obsession with sexual fantasy, or an entire lack of curiosity in intercourse.

Energetically, this chakra may be very linked to inventive vitality, due to this fact you could really feel uninspired or out of contact together with your creative expressions when this chakra is blocked.

Unblocking and releasing the vitality of the sacral chakra can really feel extra fluid like water. You grow to be extra capable of move by way of inventive, sexual, and emotional experiences with versatility and freedom. The sacral realm is all about pleasure and unblocking this chakra can steadiness your capability to take pleasure in pleasure in your life.

Location: Decrease stomach (beneath the navel, together with the genitals, womb, and decrease pelvis)

Associations: Creativity, sexuality, playfulness, relationships, emotion, pleasure

Organs: Genitalia, bowels, kidneys

Mantra: “I really feel” or “VAM”

Coloration: Orange

Component: Water

Stones: Amber, citrine, jasper, carnelian

Meals: Carrots, oranges, pumpkin, mango, papaya

Yoga Poses: Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana), Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana), Seated Ahead Bend (Paschimottanasana), Reclined Sure Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Important Oils: Clary sage, orange, sandalwood, bergamot, geranium

Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The third chakra is the naval photo voltaic plexus chakra. It develops across the ages of 15 to 21 years outdated and is intricately linked to confidence, self-worth, and vanity.

A blocked photo voltaic plexus chakra can result in bodily struggles like overeating, weight achieve within the abdomen space, IBS, diabetes, and fatigue.

Emotionally, a blocked navel chakra can result in disempowerment, insecurity, low self-worth, self-doubt, indecisiveness, and issues with anger or bullying.

Energetically, the photo voltaic plexus governs our feeling of management. When it’s blocked, you could really feel uncontrolled of your self and your feelings, or perhaps a want to manage different folks.

When the photo voltaic plexus vitality is open and capable of move freely, an individual radiates confidence, motivation, objective, and self-responsibility.

Location: Higher stomach and core, from navel to decrease breast bone

Associations: Confidence, vanity, management

Organs: Abdomen, digestive organs

Mantra: “I do” or “RAM”

Coloration: Yellow

Component: Fireplace

Stones: Amber, yellow jasper, agate, lemon quartz

Meals: Bananas, pineapple, corn, yellow curry, lemons

Yoga Poses: Boat pose (Navasana), Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Reverse Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Important Oils: Lemongrass, saffron, musk, cinnamon

Coronary heart Chakra (Anahata)

The middle of our being, the center chakra is a vital yoga image to hyperlink the decrease chakras (materials or bodily facets) with higher chakras (the non secular self). This fourth chakra is assumed to develop between ages 21 and 28 years outdated.

In Sanskrit, anahata means “unharmed” or “unbeaten”. It’s the core supply of our love, empathy, compassion, and pleasure for ourselves and others.

The deeper which means behind the center chakra is feeling price to present love and obtain it from others. A blocked coronary heart chakra can really feel like bodily chest ache, low vitality,

Emotionally, blockages in Anahata could really feel like an incapacity to forgive different folks, feeling indifferent or emotionally numb, or feeling unable to belief and open up with others. It might probably even reveal itself as hatred, revenge, or pushing folks away.

Energetically, coronary heart chakra blockages could be exhausting and annoying. Deep emotional therapeutic is usually essential to unblock this area of the physique.

We concentrate on the center middle a lot throughout yoga as a result of it’s the supply of affection and compassion. Ending your yoga follow together with your fingers at coronary heart middle signifies your openness to common love and peacefulness.

Location: Coronary heart, middle of the chest

Associations: Love, compassion, pleasure, internal peace

Organs: Coronary heart

Mantra: “I really like” or “YAM”

Coloration: Inexperienced

Component: Air

Stones: Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, aventurine, emerald

Meals: Avocado, kiwi, zucchini, cucumber, parsley, broccoli, kale, lime, spinach

Yoga Poses: Coronary heart-openers like Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana), Cat/Cow (Marjayasana/Bitilasna), Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Upward Dealing with Canine (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

Important Oils: Cypress, jasmine, lavender, geranium, rose

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The fifth main chakra is situated within the throat and holds the facility of communication. This yoga image represents our capability to be quiet in addition to our vocal power for practising meditation and chanting. The throat chakra is all about self expression.

When this chakra is blocked, bodily points could manifest within the throat area, equivalent to neck ache, shedding your voice, sore throat, dental points, thyroid imbalance, and issues with listening to.

Emotionally, a blocked throat chakra results in feeling unable to obviously specific your self. You might really feel nervous to speak or unable to talk your fact. It might probably additionally block creativity and result in emotions of insecurity round creative expression.

Energetically, an unbalanced throat chakra is linked to feeling shy or remoted, even perhaps social nervousness.

When it’s absolutely functioning in all its glory, the throat chakra yields open expression and a sense of talking your fact to the world. Typically it may empower singers, public audio system, podcasters, and different vocal professions.

Location: Throat

Associations: Communication, fact, self-expression, talking

Organs: Throat, thyroid glands, vocal field, lungs

Mantra: “I communicate” or “HAM”

Coloration: Blue

Component: Music or sound

Stones: Aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli, blue apatite

Meals: Coconut water, natural teas, honey, plums, sage, spirulina, kelp

Yoga Poses: Neck stretches and neck rolls, Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana), Plow Pose (Halasana), Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Important Oils: Basil, peppermint, bergamot

Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Most each yoga or meditation class mentions the third eye as some extent of focus throughout your follow. The third eye chakra is named Ajna and it controls our instinct and skill to have a look at the larger image past the current second. This chakra develops between ages 36 and 42 years outdated.

This chakra is without doubt one of the most typical non secular yoga symbols due to its affiliation with opening the soul to issues past the floor degree. When it’s open, Ajna yields a free-flow of non secular knowledge, insights, and a larger constructive imaginative and prescient for one’s life or the world.

When blocked, this chakra could result in bodily points with eyesight, migraines, sciatica, sinus issues, and a scarcity of focus. Emotionally, an unbalanced third eye chakra can really feel like your “caught within the grind” or unable to see a much bigger image to your life.

Energetically, folks with blocked third eyes are inclined to reject spirituality and will solely follow yoga for the health advantages. They might frequently have interaction in fantasies or desires that they don’t plan to execute as a part of a larger imaginative and prescient for his or her life.

Location: Brow, between the eyebrows

Associations: Creativeness, knowledge, spirituality, instinct, notion, sight, inspiration

Organs: Pineal gland

Mantra: “I see” or “SHAM”

Coloration: Purple or darkish blue

Component: Mild

Stones: Amethyst, black obsidian, citrin, celestite, fluorite, labradorite

Meals: Blueberries, cacao, purple cabbage, eggplant, grapes

Yoga Poses: Eagle Pose (Garudasana), Dolphin Pose(Catur Svanasana), Little one’s Pose (Balasana), Forearm Stand (Phalaksana II), Downward Dealing with Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Important Oils: Patchouli, citrus, frankincense, juniper, marjoram

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The crown chakra is the very best chakra. All of the chakras should be balanced to entry this state of grace. It represents full non secular integration and enlightenment. Sahasrara is the very best degree of divine consciousness identified to mankind.

Yogic custom says that this chakra develops between ages 43 and 49 years outdated. It’s related to deep non secular connection to the whole lot within the universe.

A blocked crown chakra is linked to materialism, concern, apathy, a damaged spirit, or issues with reminiscence, studying, and spirituality. Although most individuals by no means absolutely open the crown chakra, its full manifestation is a deep understanding of non secular truths. The yoga asana headstand is especially linked to the crown chakra.

Location: Very prime middle of the top

Associations: Understanding, connection to spirit and God, unity, knowledge, open thoughts, non secular awakening

Organs: Spinal chord and mind

Mantra: Silence, “I perceive” or “OM”

Coloration: White or violet

Component: Divine Consciousness

Stones: Clear quartz

Meals: Water, tea, daylight, fasting

Yoga Poses: Headstand (Sirsasana), Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana), Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Important Oils: Frankincense, myrrh, lavender

Mandala Image

The geometric mandala image is discovered on yoga mats, the partitions of yoga studios, city murals, patterned clothes, and even grownup coloring books. They entice your eyes with an array of shapes that symbolize the concord between thoughts, physique, and spirit.

In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle” and is usually used as a metaphor for the universe. The colourful colours, shapes, and textures signify the non secular journey of the human soul from the internal core by way of many layers to the outer traces.

Mandalas additionally symbolize the impermanence of life on Earth. Tibetan Buddhist monks make exquisitely detailed sand mandalas solely to wipe them away as soon as full.

Particular colours in a mandala usually include sure meanings in yogic traditions:

  • Pink: Vitality, power, ardour
  • Orange: Self-awareness, instinct, transformation
  • Yellow: Humility, laughter, pleasure, studying
  • Inexperienced: Nature, freshness, bettering psychological and bodily well being
  • Blue: Infinity, life, internal peace
  • Purple: Spirituality present in the whole lot
  • Black: Darkness, thriller, individuality
  • White: Openness, spirituality, purity

Mala Beads

Mala beads are meditation necklaces utilized in Buddhist and Hindu tradition. Just like the Catholic rosary, these garlands are aids for transferring right into a extra non secular state of consciousness.

They usually include 108 beads and one bigger bead known as the Guru bead. This bigger Guru bead represents a non secular information and is used as a marker to start and finish an enlightenment meditation.

Historically, the beads provide help to observe what number of instances you repeat a mantra or prayer. You possibly can transfer your finger from one bead to a different as you shut your eyes and meditate. Greater than only a necklace, mala beads are non secular symbols for connecting with the sacred.

Mala doesn’t should be used as a part of a inflexible perception system. Actually, they can be utilized by any practitioner to carry extra focus and consciousness to chanting or meditation. Nevertheless, it’s not beneficial to put on mala beads solely for trend.

Lotus Flower Image

In Greek mythology, the lotus flower is usually consultant of temptation. This symbolism comes from Homer’s Odyssey whereby individuals who fell sufferer to the temptation of consuming lotus would overlook what occurred.

Nevertheless, as a yoga image the lotus flower holds a completely completely different which means. They’re related to positivity, energy, and risk.

In Jap philosophy, lotus flowers are metaphors for the human non secular journey. Lotus flowers develop from the muck and slime of even the dirtiest water, someway remaining pure and clear as they bloom upward.

This progress from darkness represents hope for particular person folks to beat the darkness of the world and develop into non secular beings. No person is a doomed to remain the place they started.

An open lotus flower is a logo of magnificence, fertility, prosperity, and eternity. It’s usually used as an providing to Hindu gods. It might probably additionally symbolize struggling by way of the psychological and bodily challenges of yoga to flower into the very best model of your self.

Like mandalas, the lotus flower is usually portrayed in quite a lot of colours with completely different meanings:

  • The blue lotus represents knowledge, instinct, and sound judgement
  • A pink lotus flower is the divine image of the Buddha
  • A crimson lotus flower conveys issues of affection and the center
  • A purple lotus represents mysticism, spirituality, and the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism
  • A white lotus represents purity

The Quantity 108

One other cross-cultural motif, 108 is without doubt one of the most sacred non secular yoga symbols that’s revered in religions all over the world. The quantity 108 signifies wholeness and unity of all of existence. It additionally refers to non secular completion.

There are numerous cultures and perception programs that reference the quantity 108:

In numerology, the quantity 108 is an auspicious signal that you just’re about to achieve a purpose or achievement you’ve been working in direction of.

The 1 stands for greater non secular fact, the 0 stands for vacancy and completeness, and the 8 represents infinity. Including these numbers collectively additionally represents the quantity 9, which is understood to be related to altruism and humanitarianism.

The Fibonacci sequence, developed by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in 1170, is named “nature’s secret code” and comprises quite a few references to the quantity 108.

Hindu mala beads include 108 beads and Japanese Buddhist temples chime their bells 108 instances to usher in a brand new yr. Tibetans have 108 sacred books and Stonhenge has a diameter of 108 toes.

In yoga, solar salutations have been initially developed by historic yogis to be accomplished in 9 cycles of the 12 asanas (9 x 12 = 108).

Evidently, the sacred quantity 108 is woven all through yogic philosophy as a logo of wholeness and completeness.


You possibly can’t speak about yoga symbols with out mentioning the Buddha. From India to Japan to the West, the face of the Buddha is globally acknowledged as a logo of peace. A well-liked image for spirituality typically, the picture of the Buddha has its origins in Tibetan and Indian Buddhist practices.

In its bodily kind, you possibly can generally discover the Buddha portrayed as a seated meditating determine with an oval-shaped hat or crown.

Traditionally, Buddha was an precise individual. Siddhattha Gotama Buddha was the traditional non secular trainer and mystic credited with founding the Buddhist faith. His purpose was to liberate life from struggling by way of The phrase “buddha” itself means “enlightenment”.

Not like different spiritual figures like Jesus Christ or Muhammad, technically all residing beings can grow to be a Buddha by attaining a state of enlightenment and looking for to free sentient beings from struggling.

The picture of Buddha in temples, yoga studios, and on clothes or equipment ought to be used as reminders of the core Buddhist teachings:

  • The Three Common Truths: Annica (the whole lot is impermanent), dukkha (impermance results in struggling and life is imperfect), and anatta (no-self or the absence of ego)
  • The 4 Noble Truths: The reality of struggling, the reality of the reason for struggling, the reality of the top of struggling, and the reality of the trail that results in the top of struggling
  • The Noble Eightfold Path: Proper understanding, proper thought, proper speech, proper motion, proper livelihood, proper effort, proper mindfulness, and proper focus

Statues and symbols of Buddha symbolize peacefulness, wakefulness, and morality. They’re usually used on the doorways of properties or temples to guard you from hurt and evoke mindfulness in your every day life.

Buddhist statues ought to be stored clear and by no means allowed to build up mud. Some cultures make choices to the Buddha statue each day.

Is it okay for me to put on a Buddha necklace?

There are differing opinions round whether or not or not the Buddha ought to be depicted on clothes, jewellery, or tattoos. The Buddha shouldn’t be thought-about a god, neither is his picture solely reserved for individuals who follow the Buddhist faith.

Symbolically, the Buddha represents mindfulness and peacefulness, so many non secular leaders agree that it’s OK to put on photographs of the Buddha so long as they’re revered and used as a reminder of the Buddha’s holy teachings.


For those who’ve ever seen the depiction of an elephant head in yoga lessons as a statue or tapestry, you could be aware of Ganesh with out even understanding it. This yoga image is a Hindu god related to the basis chakra. Ganesh is the Lord of Folks, the Lord of Beginnings and the Lord of Good Fortune. He represents success, prosperity, and the elimination of obstacles of every kind.

The elephant depiction of this god is vital to the deeper which means as a yoga image:

  • Elephants are identified for being smart and constant
  • The massive head encompasses information and embraces “pondering huge” in our visions of life and the world
  • Small eyes symbolize diligence, focus, and appreciating the little issues
  • Massive ears present that he can hear the wants of his folks, reminding us to hear extra
  • The small mouth is a reminder to talk much less
  • A single tusk is symbolic for specializing in the great and letting go of the destructive (the opposite tusk)


The way to use yoga symbols?

Yoga symbols can be utilized as a part of your follow in quite a lot of methods. If there are particular yoga symbols that talk to you, you could search them out in your mat, garments, jewellery, or wall hangings. Some yoga symbols can be integrated into your rituals, for instance mala beads in meditation or particular chakra symbols for unblocking work.

What’s the 3 image in yoga?

The om or aum image is consultant of the primordial sound of the universe. It symbolizes the three distinct states of consciousness: the waking state, the dream state, and the deep unconscious state.



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